An Inflamed Brain is a Depressed Brain

Promoting and supporting the ways to decrease inflammation is key to maintaining long term health. This can be done with a combination of good nutrition, appropriate supplementation, and other therapies such as chiropractic adjustments and receptor based modalities to promote good function.

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Shannon Grimes
The Importance of Whole Body Health

Whole body health cannot be emphasized enough. Traditionally, whole body health was viewed as simply being free from illness. Most people agree that having no disease is a big part of being healthy. However, being healthy also has to do with achieving optimal levels of emotional and social functioning as well as the highest levels of health. Being healthy is an active process in which you make choices that can lead you to a more successful existence.

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The Grimes Learning Center

Grimes Chiropractic of Tahlequah not only provides gentle hands on care for all patients, but we also seek to help educate our community on the importance of strengthening the mind along with the body. This page offers many videos and resources including our in house blog to help pass on free education. 

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