The best chiropractic deal in tahlequah

We want you to get better and stay better, plain and simple. We want to encourage you towards your best health.  So, after acute issues are better and things are stabilizing, we can graduate you to our Wellness Membership. 

With our Wellness Membership, you pay a flat monthly fee for up to two visits each month at no additional charge, along with other benefits.  If more are needed due to injury or other causes, those additional visits are only $20 each. 

Your specific chiropractic wellness plan is determined by Dr. Grimes assessing your wellness goals, physical condition, and health needs in order to optimize your results.  We have designed a wellness plan for individuals, families, and small to large businesses to be able to bring the best care to you at the best rate for ongoing long-term care. 

Chiropractic care in Tahlequah has never been easier or more cost effective.  There are natural solutions to your health concerns and we here at Grimes Chiropractic have made it our mission to provide quality care to our patients and yielding better results than ever before. 

Membership Benefits

  • Care as needed | Up to 2 monthly visits at no additional charge

  • Reduced pricing for additional visits ($20)

  • Same Day | Next Day appointment preference

  • Discounted Supplements and Products

  • Convenient automated payment processing

  • Wellness Consultation | Coaching


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*The fine print: Grimes Chiropractic offers a wellness membership to qualified patients. The contract is simple and can be downloaded here. There is no long term obligation.  Qualifying patients are those that Dr. Grimes has graduated from initial care for injuries or other crisis and are now ready to move on to rehabilitative and supportive care to achieve more long term gains and benefits.   Payment is set up on a convenient day of the month to charge a valid debit or credit card through our secure billing software (Square).